Sasa Djukic a new force of Puerto Sagunto

Champion of “Silver Division” (Second Division) in Spain, Puerto Sagunto strength their squad with experienced right back, Serb, Sasa Djukic (34), who already played in ASOBAL. A new members of “Best 16” teams in Spain wants to stay longer in elite Division of Spanish handball, where they are newcomers. In his career, Djukic played in Crvena zvezda (Serbia), Dunaffer (Hungary), Algeciras (Spain), Constanta (Romania) and other teams… ← Previous Story WC 2011 qualification matches: Austria, Ukraine and Russia secure “big scene” Next Story → EURO 2012 Qualification: Estonia, Latvia and Israel in second round!

Metalurg with 7000 fans waiting for HSV

← Previous Story Men’s CL: Ademar and Savehof with important wins! Next Story → Joachim Boldsen will go “under the knife” “Boris Trajkovski” hallEHF Champions LeagueHC MetalurgHSV Handball Macedonian champion, HC Metalurg on the wings of Macedonia NT success and TOP 16 placement at the EHF Champions League waiting for the clash against HSV Hamburg (26th February). Two weeks before the match, 80% tickets are alredy sold, so there is no doubt that “Boris Trajkovski” hall will be overcrowded with more than 7.000 domestic fans.Metalurg made the biggest success in the club history, reaching TOP 16 from the position 2 or 3.

France without Omeyer at the start

← Previous Story VIDEO: Big fight Slovenia VS Ukraine Next Story → Eleven goals separate Croatia and Belarus 33:22 EHF EURO 2014franceomeyer Thierry Omeyer won’t be between the posts at the beginning of the Men’s EHF EURO 2014. One of the best world’s goalkeepers practiced with his team last morning, but it was visible that he is trying to protect his left arm during strong shots…Doumolin and Gerard will try to keep the highest level of performance against Russia.GROUP C – ROSTERS


The BEST 7 of the VELUX EHF Champions League Round 1 is consisted mainly by the players which teams won their first European matches this season, but also one – Miha Zarabec, who had a great role in the Celje’s resistance against Vardar…Left wing, Timur Dibirov, HC VardarLeft back: Momir Ilic, MKB VeszprémPlaymaker: Miha Zarabec, RK CeljeRight back: Alex Dujshebaev, HC VardarRight wing: Kasper Irming, KIF Kolding CopenhagenLine player: Jesper Nøddesbo, FC BarcelonaGoalkeeper: Ole Erevik, Aalborg Handball ← Previous Story DKB Bundesliga: Hannover wins in Berlin! Next Story → Zlatko Saracevic after the sensation: We must not fall asleep on the laurels of our victory

On SharingIsNOTCaring and why Nora Mørk is fighting for us all

← Previous Story ITALY: SSV Bozen are the only on 100% in the biggest European league Next Story → KASSEL IS THE PLACE: Rhein Neckar Lowen defeated by Melsungen Writing has never been this hard. It usually comes easy to me, but I’m overwhelmed, frozen. By this time, if you have an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account (and you follow handball players), you may have already read the hashtag #sharingisNOTcaring in hundreds of posts. And if you didn’t pay attention to it, you may not know what it refers to. Long story short, Nora Mørk’s phone was hacked by a man in his twenties, who spread photos from her private archive on the internet. He committed a crime. One that has seriously damaged the 26-year-old Norwegian right back. And that’s why, two months after finding that out, she’s taking action.“When the squad for the World Championship was announced, I was scared and I just wanted to go far away. I got scared. I’m afraid to be in Bergen for the Möbelringen Cup for a week and be in contact with other people. I was actually thinking to buy an airplane ticket and to travel to the other side of the world for Christmas. But I realized that if I do so the person who did this will win. And I need to take back the control over my life. On the other hand, handball is my life, I love playing for Norway, I wish to represent my country and I can’t let anyone take it away from me.”Those were some of the phrases Mørk pronounced in an interview with Norwegian channel TV2 on Monday, when she made the decision to make public the nightmare that’s been haunting her for the last couple of months. Since then, the outpouring of love and sympathy from teammates from both the national team and her club Győri Audi ETO KC, players from all over Europe and fans worldwide, was replicated mainly on Instagram under the motto: #sharingisNOTcaring.“Never have I ever played a tougher battle. A personal struggle of self-esteem, anger, disappointment, panic and frustration. Now I know I’m not alone in this. Thank you very much to all who have supported me and helped me out, and a special thanks to Lene, Gro and Tone”, thanked Mørk herself on a post late Monday. Tone is Wilhelmsen Trøen, chairwoman of the Family and Culture Committee, and Lene is Vågslid, chairwoman of the Justice Committee; two who are guiding the Norwegian player to take the case to the Justice, where she expects the responsibles for the felony to be convicted. Along with them is Mørk’s former Larvik HK and national team teammate Gro Hammerseng-Edin. “My life has changed a lot. I have gone from having a good time to know that self-esteem has disappeared. Every day has been tiresome. It’s tough to stand in it. I do not think people understand what they’re doing with a person”, stressed the 2 time EHF Champions League champion to TV2.I could go on quoting the painful statements from the left handed, like when she mentions the fact that she felt physically ill, she had trouble sleeping, eating, performing on the handball court and that she even considered dropping out of the upcoming World Championship in Germany next December. But that’s not the point now. The damage has been done and I couldn’t even think what it would be like to be in her shoes right now. To know that you haven’t done anything wrong, but still, you’re the one who’s being judged by some. To know you’ve been stolen, to know this is one of the things that are out of reach for you to stop. It’s hard to picture the 167cm woman who broke all barriers becoming one of the world’s best in a sport that, until quite recently, was a field of giants, being overcome by an incomprehensibly unfair situation. She who did not let the numerous injuries spoil her career. She who fought to breakthrough among the sport’s titans to sit at the elite, who persevered to be crowned the World’s best (a title that is yet to come and one for which she will continue to strive). But then again, she did not break into the world scene due to her talent and hard work alone. A great deal of determination and mental strength are a must to get to the top. And those same characteristics have driven Nora Mørk to take action and to fight to take back control of her life. She’s determined. And what could’ve been a dropout from Germany 2017 will now serve as fuel. She wants to perform well. She feels she needs to regain her status of role model. Little does she know that this new fight has only made her a new kind of role model.But our focus should shift. From her, to the real problem. That’s when #sharingisNOTcaring takes the scene. It’s not just a slogan. It’s a statement. Something we should not take lightly. One of the reasons why a superstar like Mørk chose to speak was to help others, who are going through the same, to find the strength to fight back. Against ignorance, against recklessness, against shamelessness, against impunity. The fact that she’s a public figure could encourage others to speak and seek justice, and that’s just way too big. It takes enormous guts to step up for oneself and for others, a lot of self respect and love. In the midst of such pain and sorrow, the Norwegian’s acts only make her greater than she is on the handball court.And because her actions are worthy of such praise, we should not be less than that. While tons of messages of support must have flooded her inbox on the last 72 hours, our actions are the ones that count. I have browsed through the several posts with the aforementioned hashtag, and I was not surprised when I noticed the great majority were posts from women. And I don’t think we should relate this to the fact that she’s a female athlete. Mørk herself expressed (according to the sometimes inaccurate Google Translate) that men do not quite understand the severity of the situation in the same way as women do. Is it lack of empathy? I bet a whole lot of people questioned why she took the photos in the first place, instead of realizing the seriousness of the fact that she was stolen, that her privacy was violated. Why is it that we try to find a way to blame the victim? Would it have been different if the victim was a he and not a she? (but let’s not forget men are also victims of these misdemeanors). As Gro Hammerseng-Edin wrote on her Instagram post: “What does it say about you as a human being when you help to spread the pictures? What kind of society do you want to be a part of?”As of now, and as reflected on TV2’s website, 15 men were reported to the police by Nora’s twin sister and Larvik’s left wing, Thea, as responsible for sharing the photos. This has only begun, and I can only ask for justice to be exemplifying, ruthless. So that those who cannot yet measure the severity of the facts get a reality check of what is like to play with someone else’s life and privacy. Be the one who stands up against theft and exposure of private property. Your 5-minute ‘entertainment’ could be messing with someone’s confidence for a lifetime. Those scars are hard to cure and not everyone is ready to fight that battle.As for Nora, you remain a role model, don’t let them get to you. Your courage is inspirational, you’ll win this fight; and we’ll all be cheering for you when the whistle blows. #sharingisNOTcaringGermany 2017Gro Hammerseng-EdinNora MorkNorway read more

Bodies found in cars in Oklahoma lake may solve decadesold mystery

first_img(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)“This lake isn’t crystal clear. It’s a typical western Oklahoma lake with a lot of silt in it. The visibility is only 6 to 12 inches on a good day,” Peoples said.We’ll consider it a mystery until we prove otherwise.The sheriff said it was entirely possible that people simply drove into Foss Lake and drowned.We know that to happen, even if you know your way around. It can happen that quick.The sheriff said he was confident the dive teams had found the three boys because one of the cars was a Chevrolet Camaro that appeared to match the description of the vehicle the boys were in when they vanished in 1970. The other was a Chevrolet from the early 1950s.Sheriff Bruce Peoples answers questions at the scene today (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)“We thought it was just going to be stolen vehicles, and that’s not what it turned out to be, obviously,” Randolph said.Second carThe origins of the second vehicle were less clear. It was found 50 feet from the end of a boat ramp.Tim Porter of Enid said he believed the remains could be those of his grandfather, John Albert Porter, who disappeared along with two other people in 1969. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)“Forty-something years of wondering who or why. If it is my grandfather in there, it’s a gift,” Tim Porter said.The sheriff said today he was not sure whether the cars held five or six bodies. The state medical examiner’s office believed the remains of six people were recovered.The bones were being sent to the medical examiner’s office for identification and to determine the cause of death.A boat ramp near where the two cars were found. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki) Highway Patrol spokeswoman Betsy Randolph said divers had found three skulls as of yesterday evening, and they planned to continue looking for more remains.Authorities hoped the discoveries will offer some relief to families who may have gone decades wondering where a missing loved one was.“We’re hoping these individuals, that this is going to bring some sort of closure to some families out there who have been waiting to hear about missing people,” Randolph said.If that’s the case, then we’re thrilled. (AP Photo/The Elk City Daily News/Larissa Graham)FOR MORE THAN a generation, this rural community has been haunted by a mystery: What happened to a group of teens who disappeared in the early 1970s after heading to a school football game?Now police believe they may have an answer after divers on a training exercise discovered a car containing skeletal remains in a murky lake. Divers also recovered a second vehicle containing bones, and investigators were working today to find other cold cases that might match the grim discovery.The cars were found not far from a marina, but Custer County Sheriff Bruce Peoples said it was no surprise that the murky waters held a secret.center_img Mystery over ‘hijacking incident at Dublin Airport 37 years ago > Iran repeats offer to help US find missing ex-FBI agent >last_img read more

Poll open in Venezuela in tough election for Chavez

first_imgVENEZUELANS ARE GOING to the polls today with President Hugo Chavez facing his toughest election in his near 14-year rule after youthful rival Henrique Capriles galvanized the opposition.Voters stood in lines to cast their ballots while Chavez supporters played bugles to rally supporters of the president, who is seeking a new six-year term to cement his socialist revolution.The 58-year-old leftist leader held a 10-point lead in the latest opinion poll, but Capriles, 40, has attracted huge crowds at rallies while other surveys have put them in a statistical dead heat.Chavez retains a loyal following among the country’s poor, who have propelled him to easy victories in past elections, but Capriles has narrowed the gap in opinion polls after an energetic door-to-door national campaign.Weakened by a bout with cancer, the president stepped up his campaign this week, even dancing in the rain at a Caracas rally on Thursday as he pleaded for another six-year term to seal his oil-funded socialist revolution.Chavez, a fierce US critic, is a highly polarizing figure who survived a coup in 2002 and became popular with the long-neglected poor for using the country’s vast oil wealth to fund health and education programmes.Facing his biggest election challenge, Chavez has admitted making mistakes, vowing to “become a better president” if re-elected.The business-friendly, center-left Capriles has hammered Chavez over the country’s regular power outages, food shortages and runaway murder rate, which has risen to 50 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants.Around 19 million voters are called to the polls. Some 140,000 troops have been deployed to prevent violence while alcohol sales are banned until Monday.People wait for a polling station in Caracas to open earlier this morning. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)- © AFP, 2012Read: Venezuelan authorities find ‘no evidence’ of Amazon tribe massacre >Photos, video: Venezuela refinery fire finally extinguished >last_img read more

Over 100 people confirmed dead in Philippines typhoon death toll could reach

first_imgRESCUERS IN CENTRAL Philippines counted at least 100 dead and many more injured today, a day after one of the most powerful typhoons on record ripped through the region, wiping away buildings and leveling seaside homes in massive storm surges, then headed for Vietnam.100 bodiesWith communications and roads still cut off, Captain John Andrews, deputy director general of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, said he had received “reliable information” by radio from his staff that more than 100 bodies were lying in the streets of Tacloban on hardest-hit Leyte Island.It was one of five islands where Typhoon Haiyan slammed Friday.Casualties Regional military commander Lt. Gen. Roy Deveraturda said that the casualty figure “probably will increase,” after viewing aerial photographs of the widespread devastation caused by the typhoon.Civil aviation authorities in Tacloban, about 360 miles southeast of Manila, reported that the seaside airport terminal was “ruined” by storm surges, Andrews said.Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras, a senior aide to President Benigno Aquino III, said that the number of casualties could not be immediately determined, but that the figure was “probably in that range” given by Andrews. Government troops were helping recover bodies, he said.Debris litter the road by the coastal village in Legazpi city. (AP Photo)AidUS Marine Col. Mike Wylie, who surveyed the damage in Tacloban prior to possible American assistance, said that the damage to the runway was significant. Military planes were still able to land with relief aid.Joseph de la Cruz, who hitched a ride on a military plane from Tacloban back to Manila, said he had counted at least 15 bodies.“A lot of the dead were scattered,” he said, adding that he walked for about eight hours to reach the Tacloban airport.The Philippine television station GMA reported its news team saw 11 bodies, including that of a child, washed ashore Friday and 20 more bodies at a pier in Tacloban hours after the typhoon ripped through the coastal city.BodiesAt least 20 more bodies were taken to a church in nearby Palo town that was used as an evacuation center but had to be abandoned when its roofs were blown away, the TV network reported.Ferocious winds felled large branches and snapped coconut trees. A man was shown carrying the body of his 6-year-old daughter who drowned, and another image showed vehicles piled up in debris.Nearly 800,000 people were forced to flee their homes and damage was believed to be extensive. About 4 million people were affected by the typhoon, the national disaster agency said.Relief workers said they were struggling to find ways to deliver food and other supplies, with roads blocked by landslides and fallen trees.WindsThe typhoon’s sustained winds weakened today to 101 mph with stronger gusts as it blew farther away from the Philippines toward Vietnam.Vietnamese authorities in four central provinces began evacuating more than 500,000 people from high risk areas to government buildings, schools and other concrete homes able to withstand strong winds.Pictures: Powerful typhoon sweeps through Philippines, kills three and wrecks homes>Read: One of the most powerful typhoons on record hits Philippines>last_img read more

Police find no credible evidence Princess Diana was murdered

first_imgBRITISH POLICE HAVE said they have finished examining new information about the 1997 death of Diana, princess of Wales, but had found “no credible evidence” she was murdered.Scotland Yard police headquarters announced in August it was checking the credibility of recently received information about the deaths of the princess and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed, including an allegation that she was murdered by a British military figure.In a statement this morning, the Metropolitan Police Service said officers had conduced a scoping exercise to decided whether the information provided was sufficient to warrant a re-opening of the criminal investigation.“Every reasonable line of enquiry was objectively pursued in order to fully evaluate any potential evidence,” it said.ParisDiana and Fayed were killed in a car crash in a Paris underpass in the early hours of 31 August, 1997, along with their driver, Henri Paul.It is understood that the claim a member of elite British army regiment the Special Air Service (SAS) was involved was made by the former parents-in-law of an ex-soldier, based on information he had talked about in the past.“The final conclusion is that whilst there is a possibility the alleged comments in relation to the SAS’s involvement in the deaths may have been made, there is no credible evidence to support a theory that such claims had any basis in fact,” said the police statement.“Therefore the MPS are satisfied there is no evidential basis upon which to open any criminal investigation,” it added.Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley has provided all involved parties with a summary report of the probe.Conspiracy theoriesOperation Paget was the name of the two-year police inquiry into the numerous conspiracy theories surrounding the crash.Led by John Stevens, formerly Britain’s top policeman, it concluded in 2006 that all the allegations it assessed were without foundation.It rejected the murder claims voiced by some, including Fayed’s father, the Egyptian tycoon Mohamed Al-Fayed.Dodi Fayed, 42, and driver Paul – the deputy head of security at Al-Fayed’s plush Hotel Ritz in Paris – were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The Mercedes-Benz car had smashed into a pillar and spun around.Diana, 36, the ex-wife of Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, and the mother of Princes William and Harry, died later in hospital.Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, a member of the Al-Fayed family’s protection team, survived.Seeking to outrun chasing paparazzi photographers, Paul was found to have been speeding. His blood alcohol level was found to have been more than three times over the French limit.- © AFP 2013 with additional reporting by Michelle Hennessy.Read: Police assessing claim Diana was murdered by army figure>last_img read more

18 of the most heartwarming moments in the GAA in 2013

first_imgPic: INPHO/Dan Sheridan…four years after they had celebrated a Dublin senior football triumph.Pic: INPHO/Morgan Treacy12. The London footballers sing ‘Tubthumping’ after their Connacht semi-final winYouTube: RTÉ – Ireland’s National Television and Radio Broadcaster13. Brilliant sportsmanship from two youngsters at the Sciath na Scol finals in CorkRiain Ó Cathail (black jersey) was quick to console Ciarán O’Connell after Ó Cathail’s school, Gaelscol Mhainistir Na Corann in Midleton, scored a goal against Coachford NS.Pic: Paraic English14. Paul Mannion’s sister flies home to surprise him at the All-Ireland finalPic: INPHO/Morgan Treacy14. Joe Brolly’s ‘Opt For Life’ campaign takes flight around the countryAnd the HSE announced recently that they were to introduce a state of the art organ donation systemPic: INPHO/Donall Farmer15. Paul Flynn gives his Dublin jersey to 11 year-old Amy McNally who has undergone chemotherapyYouTube: Fingalliansmedia Swords16. Eoin Brosnan with his daughter Annie after winning the Munster finalPic: INPHO/Lorraine O’Sullivan17. Johnny Cooper consoles former DCU teammate Rob Hennelly after the All-Ireland finalPic: INPHO/Lorraine O’Sullivan18. The Tipperary hurlers fundraise after ex-teammate has surgery on brain tumourFormer Tipperary senior hurler Eddie Connolly from Loughmore-Castleiney took ill recently and the Premier squad then organised a 6k fun run/walk to raise money for two cancer charities.Pic: INPHO/Morgan TreacyWhat have we forgotten? Let us know in the comments section below.‘We’ve soldiered together’: Dublin’s Jonny Cooper on that picture with Rob HennellyKilkenny hurler set for county final after overcoming heart problem 1. Shane O’Donnell’s brother watches with pride in Israel as the Clare forward bags a hat-trick in the All-Ireland final replayPic: Fergal Brennan2. Shane Curran finally gets his hands on an All-Ireland senior football medal at the age of 41“We are now the most magnificent men to have left Roscommon since 1944 and we’re going back with a senior All-Ireland medal. That’s a lot to be proud of.”Pic: INPHO/Ryan Byrne3. Seamus Harnedy remembers his late UCC hurling manager Paul O’Connor after debuting for the Cork senior hurlers“Paul O’Connor was one of the lads that gave me my original breakthrough with the Fitzgibbon team. God rest his soul, he gave me a chance. I’ve no doubt he was looking down on all of us out there.”Pic: INPHO/Cathal Noonan4. After 17 years of hurt, it’s celebration time for the Limerick fans after the Munster finalPic: @aoifasheehan5. Despite suffering defeat to Dublin, Tommy Walsh stays on the O’Moore Park pitch to sign autographsPic: INPHO/James Crombie6.  Monaghan’s Paul Finlay is congratulated by his former IT Sligo teammate Karl LaceyPic: INPHO/Donall Farmer7. Anthony Nash remembers referee Barry Kelly’s late wife Catherine in a TV interview after the drawn All-Ireland hurling finalPic: INPHO/Cathal Noonan8. 4 year-old Ronan Brick shows why he’s a hurling goalkeeping star for the futureYouTube: David Brick9. Bernard Brogan and Marc Ó Sé after the All-Ireland senior football semi-finalPic: INPHO/Donall Farmer10. Conor Phelan wins his first Kilkenny senior hurling medal after overcoming heart problemsYouTube: nemetonSPORT11. Conal Keaney celebrates with his daughter Kate after the Dublin senior hurling finallast_img read more

Column Removal of One Parent Family Credit is to the detriment of

first_imgOUT OF THE blue, on Budget Day in October 2013, the Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, TD., announced that he was removing the One Parent Family Credit (OPFC) and replacing it with the Single Person Child Carer Credit (SPCCC) on foot of a recommendation contained in the Commission on Taxation Report in 2009.The OPFC was a tax credit of €1,650 per annum that was available to those who were parenting on their own. It brought with it an increase in the Standard Rate Tax Band from €32,800 to €36,800. According to the Revenue, the tax credit resulted in reducing a claimant’s tax liability by €31.73 a week and – where a claimant’s income exceeded €36,800 – the additional rate of the Standard Rate Tax Band was worth a maximum of €16.15 per week. The maximum value of the credit and the additional rate band therefore was €2,490 a year or €47.88 a week. So a significant amount to lose. The following table illustrates the changes:Annual wage difference in amount of tax paid per week€13,500 (minimum wage x 30 hours) No change€20,000 + €13€30,000 + €10€40,000 + €48€60,000 + €47As stated above the OPFC was available to parents parenting on their own. This meant that where two estranged parents were sharing the parenting of the child, both parents could claim the credit. The requirement from Revenue was that that the child resided with the parent at least one night in the year. Obviously, this criterion was totally inappropriate and the OPFC was in need of reform.However, rather than reform this essential tax credit Minister Noonan decided, arbitrarily, to completely remove it.To add insult to injury, the Minister has named the person who receives the new tax credit the Primary Carer (usually the mother) and the other parent the Secondary Carer (usually the father). This terminology has produced several witty but sad images on the Facebook page set up by fathers angered by the change – Irish Fathers for Equality.We believe it is best for children to grow up with the involvement of both parents in their lives, provided it is safe and practical. Shared parenting is good for children and research shows this clearly.  The State should be supporting this, rather than removing an incentive to shared parenting.Running two homesThe removal of a tax credit, and its associated tax bands, for non-resident parents will result in a significantly reduced overall income for parents who are living apart. Where parents do not live together there are two households to be maintained, which incurs considerable expense.  With so many single parent families already struggling financially, further reductions in the income of the mother, or the father, are likely to negatively impact on children.  This could result in some non-resident parents having no option but to reduce the amount of maintenance paid to the other parent for the child.How many will be affected?Revenue have estimated that there were 76,800 income earners on income tax records who were in in a position to utilise some or all of the One-Parent Family Tax Credit in 2013.The gender breakdown was estimated as follows:Female: 51,224Male: 25,573Total: 76,797.It is estimated the impact of the change will affect 15,000 parents.AmendmentTreoir worked hard during the Dáil debates on the Finance Bill No. 2 of 2013 to have the proposal reversed but to no avail. In response to pressure from Treoir, One Family and others the Minister introduced an amendment which would allow the “Primary” carer to relinquish the SPCCC to the “Secondary” carer. However, the Minister in his wisdom decided that the “Secondary” carer would be required to have the child in his care for 100 days during the year.While this concession of relinquishing the SPCCC is welcome we believe the criterion of a child spending a minimum 100 days with the non-resident parent in order to be eligible for the tax credit is excessive, especially for unmarried fathers. Fulfilling the 100 day rule could prove impossible in the several situations, for example where the child is very young. It is unreasonable and shocking to expect the mother of a very young baby to share parenting to this extent with the other parent, especially where the mother is breastfeeding. It is an unwarranted interference into family life.Regarding the SPCC, the Revenue suggests:“If a child resided with the secondary claimant throughout the year for twenty weekends from Saturday morning until Sunday evening, together with 6 weeks of the 8 Summer holiday, one week at Christmas and two weeks at Easter, (Saturday to Saturday on each occasion), the criteria would be satisfied.”This is a completely unrealistic scenario.We must reverse the recent changesOur foremost recommendation is to reverse the recent changes and reform the eligibility criteria; we do not agree with the requirement to have a child for 100 days in the year where the SPCCC is being transferred to the “Secondary” carer.Treoir has been inundated with calls from fathers who are this month seeing the effect of the removal of the One Parent Family Tax Credit. Many have already taken cuts in their salaries and this new financial blow is causing great financial distress and can also result in causing disagreement in some relationships. Unfortunately it is ultimately the children who will suffer as a consequence of this most unjust measure.Margot Doherty is a founding member of Treoir and has been working with them for the last 30 years. Over that time she has worked as an information officer, writing many publications and is now the policy officer as well as being Assistant Chief Executive. Treoir operates the National Specialist Information Service for unmarried parents, single or cohabiting, their extended families and those who work with them. Unmarried parents and their extended families can contact Treoir for specialist information on the legal rights and responsibilities of unmarried parents, living together or not. To speak in confidence to a information officer call 1890 252 084 or you can email Visit the website and keep up to date with information by following Treoir on Facebook and Twitter.Read: Charities say Social Welfare Bill will push one-parent families into povertylast_img read more

9 inthecar habits we all need to break

first_imgBEFORE YOU GOT your licence, as you read the rules of the road for the 20th time, you swore you’d never slip into any bad driving habits. Well, you did.Here are nine things that should definitely be eradicated from the roads, before someone injures themselves with an over-enthusiastic tut.1. Not indicatingSure it’s just a roundab– no, always indicate.See also: leaving the indicator on after a slight turn and carrying on down a road with multiple off turns. WHY?2. Using the hazard lights as a parking permit“Ah OK, well once you had your hazard lights on,” said no parking warden ever.3. TailgatingOr ‘driving up me arse’, in some Irish dialects. These people are insanely irritating and might even flash you to get out of the way on a tiny country road. You’re forced to pull into a ditch so they can drive by, leaving you there with your dirty tyres and unbridled rage. Source: Telemax4. Horn abuseWHAT? Beeping didn’t solve everything?5. Signalling with headlightsLets be honest, it’s not the best system of road communication. Source: AutotoysSure, you do it all the time to thank people or warn them that their lights aren’t on. But then the paranoia strikes.6. Drinking and eatingIf you’re driving, all that reaching and spilling is not ideal. And well a passenger? If they complain again about your ‘sudden stops’ at the amber lights while they sip their coffee you’ll have a conniption. Source: Shutterstock7. ReadingA typical front seat passenger habit, spreading out their broadsheet newspaper like they’re laying it on a table. Sure chuck the bits you don’t want on the dashboard there or maybe across the gear stick. If it’s a road-trip you’re on, it’ll be a map. Christ, get an app. Source: Amazon8. Driving when you’re not drivingIs there any cure for the back-seat driver? Only those who are unaffected by the ability to operate a category B motor vehicle can refrain from spouting useless solutions to all of the current driver’s problems. Source: soldiersmediacenterMany a back-seat driver has sustained whiplash from frantic glances to their left and right at a roundabout. Source: Pandawhale9. Not preparing for the lightsYou’ve been sitting there at the red light, refraining from picking up your phone like the responsible driver you are, ready to go at any moment. The minute you’re drawn into a false sense of security and take your foot off the clutch and put on the handbrake, the lights go green. Oh, there’s the collective sigh and tuts of everyone behind you. Great.QUIZ: Are you a nightmare car passenger?>The 11 most annoying people in a traffic jam>last_img read more

The Evening Fix now with added sushi updates

first_imgMale panda Yang Guang eats bamboo in a bid to bulk up ahead of breeding season at Edinburgh Zoo.Picture date: Wednesday February 20, 2013. (Andrew Milligan/PA Wire) Chinese dancers performs during a ceremony to celebrate budget carrier AirAsia’s inaugural flight to Shanghai, in Shanghai, China on Wednesday Feb. 20, 2013. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)HERE ARE THE things we learned, loved and shared today.THINGS WE LEARNED: #CHILD BENEFIT: A new report by an expert group examining child and family income support payments has called for a two-tier system in which families would need to be means tested or below a certain income to receive the full payment. Such a two-tier system could save around €200 million a year, the group said.#MARRIAGE EQUALITY: Kerry County Council has followed a number of other local authorities in showing support for same-sex marriage – with  a motion tabled by Labour Councillor Gillian Wharton-Slattery today being carried by a vote of 18 to seven.#REDRESS: The redress scheme being set up to help victims of the Magdalene Laundries may be expanded to include women held in other institutions – such as Bethany House in Dublin and Summerhill Training Centre in Waterford. The chairman of the Bethany Home Survivors Group, Derek Leinster, described conditions in the home as “horrific”.#PISTORIOUS: The bail hearing of South African athlete Oscar Pistorius has been adjourned until tomorrow morning. He stands accused of pre-meditated murder in relation to the shooting dead of 29-year-old model Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours of Valentine’s Day. #BUDGET 2014: Transport Minister Leo Varadkar has said that the estimated €1 billion less that Ireland has to borrow as a result of the promissory note deal is not automatically ‘an extra billion euro’ to spend in the next Budget. “I think before we start talking about how we are going to reallocate that billion I think we need to make sure first that we meet our budget targets,” he said.Naked Museum visitors look at pictures of the show “Nude Men from 1800 to Today” during a special opening to friends of nudism at the Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria. The show opened its doors from 19 October 2012 to March 4 2013, looking at how artists have dealt with the theme of male nudity over the centuries. (AP Photo/Ronald Zak)THINGS WE LOVED:Haven’t you always wanted someone to review the sartorial choices of the characters on The Cosby Show one episode at a time? Wish granted.This Buzzfeed list of 14 classic albums reimagined as books is simply fantastic.And here’s something we didn’t expect to write today… “BREAKING: Michael Healy-Rae reveals the latest on sushi“**maybe__++THINGS WE SHARED:Fredrick S Southwick tells how he lost his left to a medical error – and why nobody should have to experience such preventable harm.Check out the story of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s early foray into phone hacking…Welcome to the future: they’ve only gone and made paper made from stone. In a bid to save the 4 billion trees that are felled annually to satisfy our global paper lust, Italian company Repap has made a new paper product from calcium carbonate (which is in plentiful supply) which is naturally white (so it doesn’t need to be bleached). And it’s even waterproof.last_img read more

7 sounds youll probably never hear again

first_imgEar photo via ShutterstockREMEMBER WHEN THESE sounds were part of your life every day?Now they have (pretty much all) gone to the great soundboard in the sky. You may never hear these things again:This sound when your computer started up:YouTube/BallywegThis early ringtone:YouTube/figo85khThis sound when you put in your favourite album:YouTube/CMIUC100This sound before the TV news:YouTube/stack0487This sound on the line when you dialled your friend’s number:YouTube/UnwatchableVideosThis sound when you rewound your favourite scene:YouTube/soundeffectsstudioThis sound when you logged on to that new thing, the ‘internet’:YouTube/The3hreeBetches13 things today’s Leaving Cert students have no memory of>last_img

Six Nations champions Ireland confirm November Test schedule

first_imgIreland’s November Test series 2014:Saturday 8th November, 2014Ireland v South AfricaAviva Stadium, K.O. 17:30Sunday 16th November, 2014Ireland v GeorgiaAviva Stadium, K.O. 14:30Saturday 22nd November, 2014Ireland v AustraliaAviva Stadium, K.O. 16:30 THE IRFU HAS confirmed details of Ireland’s November Tests against South Africa, Georgia and Australia.Joe Schmidt’s squad, who claimed the 2014 Six Nations title last weekend, will open the series on the 8th of November against the Springboks, who are currently ranked as the second best team in the world by the IRB.The Heyneke Mayer-coached South Africans finished as runners-up to New Zealand in 2013′s Rugby Championship. Their clash against the Kiwis in Johannesburg, which ended with a 38-27 defeat for the hosts, was one of the best games of last year.The ‘Boks pure physical power will make them a demanding opponent, while the skill of the likes of the mesmeric Willie le Roux have added another flourish to their game plan in recent times.Eight days later, Ireland host Georgia, whose win over Romania last weekend saw them qualify for Pool C of the 2015 World Cup alongside New Zealand. Coached by Kiwi native Milton Haig, the Georgians are currently ranked 16th in the world.Ireland’s schedule ends with the visit of Australia to the Aviva Stadium on the 22nd of November. The Wallabies won just two games in last year’s Rugby Championship, but their form improved with wins over Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in the autumn.Schmidt will be particularly keen for his side to claim victory in the final fixture, given that the defeat to Australia last November was the poorest performance of his reign so far. Ewen McKenzie’s men are rated as the third best team in the world. Racing Métro will meet Joe Schmidt in September to discuss Sexton workload26-year-old Connacht centre Kyle Tonetti forced to retirelast_img read more

This company will no longer show up on Googles search results after

first_imgThe company is also preparing to comply with ‘the right to be forgotten’ ruling that was made in the European Court of Justice back in May. The company recently uploaded a form which allows European citizens to request links to be removed from European search results.Google has until 27 June to comply with the Canadian court’s ruling.Read: Your next smartphone could have security features built into the glass >Read: YouTube plans to block artists who don’t sign up for its paid music service > The latter objection may sound like an issue more properly addressed at the territorial competence stage of the analysis. However, the question of whether the Court has territorial competence to hear the application because of its connection to the persons or facts involved is distinct from the question of whether, in the words of s. 39 of the Law and Equity Act, it is “just or convenient” that the order sought should be made to enjoin or mandate the particular conduct. A CANADIAN COURT has ordered Google to remove links relating to a specific company from all of its sites around the world.The case involved an industrial manufacturer called Equustek Solutions, which claimed that a rival company, Datalink, ripped off its network device technology before selling it through more than 300 websites. As part of its lawsuit, the company wants Google to remove all search results that link to these sites, according to GigaOM.While Google voluntarily removed the links from, the main site Canadians would search on, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has granted a temporary injunction which forces Google to remove search results from all of its sites around the world.While Google argued that Canadian law cannot be imposed around the world, the court referred to the country’s Law and Equity Act, which allows a court to grant broader powers when it feels it’s necessary.last_img read more

The worlds first antilaser is born

first_imgBack in July, Wired reported that physicists had come up with a theoretical description of an anti-laser which was published as a paper in Physical Review Letters. Now, less than a year later, a pair of scientists at Yale University has figured out how to create one.The anti-laser is also called a coherent perfect absorber because of its ability to absorb coherent light particles along specific wavelengths. While a laser emits a beam of light, an anti-laser absorbs it. That absorption allows for the light’s energy to be dissipated as heat. A. Douglas Stone, one of the researchers who developed the first working anti-laser, says there are a number of applications for the device.One of those applications could be the use of optical switches in hybrid computer chips, while another could lead to more effective treatments for cancerous tumors. Current techniques for cancer treatment include the use of radiation, but radiation can only shrink tumors near the surface of the skin. Through the use of an anti-laser or a coherent perfect absorber, treatments would be able to reach tumors which are deeper in the body. If a medium, which allows absorption, could be inserted inside the body it would also allow for more targeted treatments based on the concentrated heat which could be generated.One thing science fiction fans should note is that an anti-laser is clearly not a defense for an actual laser. Due to the heat produced by the anti-laser, anything it is protecting will more than likely melt.Read more at Fox Newslast_img read more

Sprint looking to launch Nexus S 4G EVO 3D EVO View tablet

first_imgApparently Sprint is booking in a two-and-a-half hour time slot at this year’s CTIA show (an event held at the end of the month which deals with the wireless communications industry).While details are sketchy at this time as to what the exact lengthy meeting will cover, it is said that Sprint are likely to announce the sale of the Nexus S 4G from Samsung. By the sounds of it, the product will be based on the standard Nexus S specs i.e. Android 2.3, 1Ghz CPU and 16GB of fixed storage, but will feature WiMax as an added component.Next, there is news of a couple more handsets that are getting the makeover treatment. The first is the update to the HTC EVO 4G which is already available on Sprint – in fact it was released around June of last year. Along with its substantial spec, i.e. 4.3″ 480 x 800 resolution display and 4G capabilities, this will be updated with 3D.We are not sure how this will pan out, but if it’s anything like the LG Optimus 3D, then we can assume it will deploy similar dual camera trickery to produce the 3D image. However, the LG does have an HDMI output that can deliver 3D content to an external display at 720p, and it also has a global partnership with YouTube3D, so if the Sprint model can deploy similar 3D heaven incentives it will certainly be an exciting time for mobiles in 2011 (not to mention more competition, which is good for consumers).Finally, the remaining device will be the EVO View. All we know at this stage is that the Evo View will be a tablet device featuring CDMA. However once the show starts later this month we should have more concrete details to share with you.Read more at Engadgetlast_img read more

Photojojo lens mount turns your iPhone 4 into a DSLR

first_imgAfter owning a sub-par camera phone for quite a long time, I was constantly ogling the amazing photos produced by my friends’ iPhone. iPhone owners can attest that the camera is capable of taking some pretty awesome photos. The camera is so popular in fact that the iPhone became Flickr’s most popular camera recently. But, there’s only so much you can do with a smartphone.For example, you really can’t zoom very far without the photo coming out pixelated, grainy, or sometimes blurry. With normal cameras, you can usually zoom in a decent amount without the photo quality degrading, but smartphones are quite limited in that regard. Enter the Photojojo iPhone SLR Mount. Yes, you’ll look pretty bizarre holding a giant lens that is probably four times the weight of your iPhone, but hey, you’ll be turning your iPhone into a DSLR – kind of.The models, offered for Canon or Nikon lens mounts, are available for the iPhone 3G at $190 and the iPhone 4 at $249. Those prices seem a little high for an accessory you place on your iPhone that doesn’t even come with the lenses. You have to supply your own SLR lenses. The Canon is an EF-mount and works with the EOS lens family. The Nikon is an F-mount and works with all Nikon lenses. According to Photojojo, telephoto, wide angle, macro, and a fixed-fifty lens will all attach to the mounts. It comes with an aluminum case, an SLR lens adapter, and a UV filter.Spending $250 on an iPhone accessory may be a little outlandish in this case. The iPhone 4’s camera only has a 5-megapixel sensor, and judging by the photos on the Photojojo site, the lens mount doesn’t do much else besides make the subject in the photo closer. It still looks a bit grainy and is nowhere near the quality you’d get if you used your lens with an actual DSLR. That being said, it is kind of cool, but seems more like something we’d see on ThinkGeek instead as an April Fools’ Day product.Read more at Photojojo, via Dvicelast_img read more

Google exploits Safari bug to plant cookies says its known functionality

first_imgThe applications you use on a daily basis have user preferences for a reason: to give you control over how they behave. Unfortunately, not everyone has the scruples to respect your settings. Google, for example, seemed to think it was OK to sidestep cookie blocking in Safari on OS X and iOS.Google’s misstep was unearthed by Jonathan Mayer, a security researcher at Stanford University. You might remember Mayer from a previous cookie-related incident — it was he who called out Microsoft for their use of an undeleteable supercookie on last summer. According to Mayer, Google was utilizing a Safari exploit that had been discovered two years ago. Developer Anant Garg found that a cookie that normally wouldn’t be saved could be written by utilizing a blank form submitted silently in the background as a page loads. The necessary code is very minimal, requiring just over two dozen lines to trick Safari into accepting the cookie.So what does Google have to say about all this? Only that The Wall Street Journal “mischaracterized what is happening and why.” Google stressed that the cookies didn’t collect any personal information and were only sent to users that had previously signed in to their Google account in Safari.But the statement from Mountain View also calls what was done as using “known Safari functionality.” That’s an interesting assertion — and it paints quite a rosy picture of leveraging a cross-domain cookie exploit in order to circumvent a user’s on-device preferences.Google now says that they’ve put a stop to the practice, but this is yet another black mark on the company’s privacy record. Microsoft, of course, leapt at the opportunity to cry foul. IE lead Ryan Gavin quickly penned a post reminding folks that Microsoft’s latest and greatest browser respects your privacy and that you can lean on IE9 for protection if Google’s practices have ruffled your feathers.More at Wall Street Journal and The Vergelast_img read more